"It’s having that access to the industry right at our doorstep which is really important for us. And even from a student perspective, they may come and do a lecture, get changed and do a shift in a hotel, and come back for a tutorial."

Tony Patterson, General Manager

The Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management is a three-year programme which focuses on hotel operational skills, management practice in hospitality industries and the skills needed for employment in a competitive, changing, global business environment.

    Programme of teaching excellence

The three-year programme is organised into six sessions, one of which is an industry-based work experience placement. Modules studied include Communications in Organisation, Accommodation Operations, Tourism and Hospitality Marketing, Accounting for Business, and more. The programme offers a selection of electives so students can tailor their course to their key interests and learn about subjects that will strengthen their resume.

    Outstanding internships opportunities

All students at The Hotel School take part in an industry-based internship, for one semester. There is a job component, from December to May, and a campus component in June that all students are assessed on. Employers can include hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, and many more organisations either within Australia or abroad. Placements are a unique opportunity for students to practice the skills they have learnt in school and to interact with employers in the real world. Prior to the placement, students follow an introductory unit focusing on the skills necessary to secure and maintain employment, and are assessed on their performance during their placement.

    Start your career in Hotel Management

Tourism in Australia creates more employment opportunities than most other industries, making Sydney a place of choice for international students to get qualification and training. Students at The Hotel School are offered short-term work placements in leading hotels which enables them to apply the skills they learn at school in a real world context.

By the time they graduate, students from The Hotel School are highly employable and will have developed a network of contact key to their professional career. The Bachelor at The Hotel School equips students with hotel operational skills, management practice and skills needed for continued learning in a changing global business environment.